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A Little Bit About Me

I am a product designer at Apexon based in Chicago, where I blend my passion for technology and design to craft impactful B2B experiences. Born in Tangerang, Indonesia, and raised in a Chinese-Indonesian household, my journey began with a detour into computer science, a nod to parental expectations. However, my tech background eventually converged with a deep-seated passion for design, leading me to the enriching world of UX.

In my current role, I immerse myself in the dynamic realm of product design, infusing human-centric principles into the B2B landscape. Yet, this is just the beginning. My future aspirations involve contributing to projects that resonate on a human level, utilizing my skills to create meaningful experiences. Currently on the lookout for full-time opportunities in product design, I am excited to embark on the next chapter of my design journey, where thoughtful innovation meets human connection.


HarvardX PH125.2X - Data Science: Data Visualization

Certification - June 2023

W3Cx WAI0.1x - Web Accessibility

Certification - Jan 2023

Designership - Figma Masterclass

Certification - Aug 2022

Boston University - Catalyst Designathon

1st Place Award - Mar 2021

Secured 1st place in Boston University’s designathon by presenting a novel outlook on productivity and learning for college students, showcasing a unique and effective strategy to manage boundaries and combat burnout.

When I’m not designing

Travel to new cities

Cooking and baking

Mixed martial arts and volleyball

Personal finance

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